Vania Virgili (CNR ISPC) Introduces E-RIHS IP – The Implementation Phase for the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science

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Today, we take you into the realm of E-RIHS, the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science!

E-RIHS provides researchers, public and private practitioners with access to cutting-edge technologies, archives, digital services, excellent expertise, and high-level training to enhance the understanding, protection, and appreciation of cultural heritage.

Weโ€™re excited to share the latest E-RIHS updates in an interview with Vania Virgili, Technological Research Director at hashtag#CNRISPC and E-RIHS IP coordinatorโ€”a European project dedicated to implementing this ground-breaking research infrastructure. The interview was conducted by ART-ER during EIT Culture & Creativity Days (Bologna, October 12-13, 2023) promoted by EIT Culture and Creativity.

Watch the interview:

For more details on the E-RIHS IP project, visit the page:

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
EIT Culture & Creativity

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