IPERION HS celebrates Women in Science Day

IPERION HS, a Heritage Science project, funded by Horizon 2020 to provide trans-national access for researchers working in the field of heritage, produced a video on 11 February to celebrate the international day of Women in Science.

This initiative is meant to thank all the women heritage scientists for the great work they do every day.

IPERION HS is a consortium of 24 partners from 23 countries that contributes to establishing a pan-European research infrastructure on Heritage Science with forty-five per cent of the consortium being women in science.

Malta participates as a partner in IPERION HS through the Department of Conservation & Built Heritage of the University of Malta (UM). This  ambitious project will eventually lead to the establishment of E-RIHS-ERIC, the European Research Consortium for Heritage Science, where the local partnership will be founded on alliances established with other UM Departments, which have as a core interest Heritage research, as well as entities external to UM, to create a common base for research, for partnerships, and for exchanges in the field of heritage.

IPERION HS is contributing to make the difference by conserving culture and promoting diversity.

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